Travelling to Bucharest by plane is very easy and convenient.

Both flag carriers and low cost companies (Wizz, Ryan Air, German wings, etc.) connect Bucharest to the rest of the world.

The main airport (Henri Coand? or OTP for travel companies) is only a 15-minute drive away from the city centre.

The airport is well served by taxis (more details below) and by two Airport Express buses (781, connecting the airport to the main station, and 783, connecting the airport to downtown Bucharest).

Taxi: Licensed taxis with fares of up to 1.40 lei/km  (usually 1.39 lei/km) are now available for passengers arriving at the airport. The taxis usually line up along the kerb as you exit the arrivals hall on the right-hand side and will take passengers in the order of arrival. Should there be no taxi available in front of the building, you can order one using one of the self-service touch screen terminals inside the arrivals hall. The machine issues a receipt with the taxi’s registration number on it and you must take that particular taxi, which usually arrives in front of the building in a few minutes.  The price is very decent – a trip to the city centre is around 30-50 lei (8-10 euros). There are also more expensive luxury taxis at the airport, with fees of up to 3-4 lei/ km, that you can take in the unlikely event that the cheaper option is unavailable. Please check rates on the front door of the taxi.

In-city transport: Bucharest has a very good public transportation system which includes the metro, buses, trams and cable buses.  The metro runs until 11.30 pm. There is also a night bus service that runs after midnight.

In case you plan to use public transportation you need to buy a pay-as-you go card from any RATB shop and charge it; a single trip costs 1.3 lei (approx. 0.30 euros); this card can only be used on buses, cable buses and trams. For the metro you need to buy a different card inside the station. If you plan to use the metro more, the best option is a 10-trip card.

For more information on public transport in Bucharest:

In-city transport by taxi is very cheap, too – a normal trip is around 10-15 lei (2.5-5 euros), depending on the distance and traffic.