2017 (LXII)

No./Issue 4

Differential Object Marking in Romance: some more pieces of the puzzle /

Le marquage différentiel de l’objet dans les langues romanes :

  quelques nouvelles pièces du puzzle

  Edited by: / Édité par: Alexandru Mardale


EDGAR ONEA, DANIEL HOLE, Differential Object Marking of Human Definite Direct Objects on Romanian [pdf]

ELISABETH AßMANNDifferential Object Marking and Clitic Doubling in Spanish and Catalan: The Grammaticalization of Topicalization Devices [pdf]

VIRGINIA HILL, ALEXANDRU MARDALE, On the Interaction of Differential Object Marking and Clitic Doubling in Romanian [pdf]

MONICA ALEXANDRINA IRIMIA, SONIA CYRINO, Manifestations of Differential Object Marking: From Brazilian Portuguese to Prepositional Accusatives [pdf]

LUDOVICO FRANCO, M. RITA MANZINI, Genitive/'Of' Arguments in DOM Contexts [pdf]

ANNA PINEDA, CARLES ROYO, Differential Indirect Object Marking in Romance (and How to Get Rid of it) [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]

No./Issue 3

Information structure and the left periphery / 

 La structure informationnelle et la périphérie gauche

Edited by: / Édité par: Ion Giurgea

ION GIURGEA, Editorial note [pdf]

VALENTINA BIANCHI, GIULIANO BOCCI, SILVIO CRUSCHINA, Two Types of Subject Inversion in Italian Wh-Questions [pdf]

MARIA AURELIA COTFAS, On the Left Periphery of Independent Subjunctives in Romanian: Topics, Foci and Complementizer Deletion [pdf]

ION GIURGEA, Preverbal Subjects and Topic Marking in Romanian [pdf]

ION GIURGEA, CARMEN MÂRZEA VASILE, Syntactic Effects Of Verum Focus In Romanian [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]

No./Issue 2

Investigating Romanian Datives / Recherches autour du datif roumain

Edited by: / Édité par: 



Editor's Introduction [pdf]

M. RITA MANZINI, LEONARDO M. SAVOIA, Case in the Nominal and  Pronominal Systems in  Aromanian: Oblique Case and  its Interactions  with the Person Split [pdf]

MIHAELA TĂNASE-DOGARU, CAMELIA UȘURELU, On Adnominal Datives in Old Romanian [pdf]

ALEXANDRA CORNILESCU, ANCA DINU, ALINA TIGĂU, Experimental Data on Romanian Double Object Constructions [pdf]

ALEXANDRA CORNILESCU, ANCA DINU, ALINA TIGĂU, Romanian Dative Configurations: Ditransitive Verbs, a Tentative  Analysis [pdf]

ADINA CAMELIA BLEOTU, Why Give does not Incorporate in Denominal Verbs [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]


No./Issue 1


CAMERON TAYLOR, Subject Positions in Nicoretese [pdf]

SHAHZAMAN HAQUE, Place de l’anglais chez des familles indiennes immigrantes en Europe occidentale : notions de prestige linguistique et chronotope [pdf]

SANDRA VUKASOJEVIĆ,Yielding or Maintaining the Floor: The Role of Intonational Morphemes in the Turn-taking System in Montenegrin [pdf]

ION GIURGEA, Verum Focus in Polar Questions in Romanian: Prosodic Effects [pdf]

CRISTINA BLEORŢU, MIGUEL CUEVAS ALONSO, Towards an Interactional Perspective of Spanish Prosody. Guidelines for Analyzing Intonation [pdf]

Comptes rendus / Reviews [pdf]