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The journal is the most important periodical dealing with the study of Romanian.

The first issue of the journal was published at the end of 1952. Since then, the journal has appeared with no interruptions and has been published yearly in three different manners: six issues (1953-1991, 1997-2006), twelve issues (1992-1996), and four issues per year (20072010). Over the years, the responsibility of editing the journal belonged to Academician Dimitrie Macrea (1952-1957), Academician Iorgu Iordan (1958- middle of 1982), Academician Al. Graur (latter half of 1982-1989), Academician Ion Coteanu (1990-1997) and Academician Marius Sala (1998-2010). The journal is meant to be read by the large circle of people who are interested in the problems raised by linguistics. Currently, Editor in Chief is dr. Alexandru Mareș, principal research scientist I, head of Department of Literary Language and Philology, ”Iorgu Iordan – Al. Rosetti” Institute of Linguistics, and Prof. dr. Gheorghe Chivu, c. m. of the Romanian Academy, is Assistant Editor.

The journal deals with the study of Romanian language: grammar, vocabulary, literary language, stylistics, history of Romanian linguistics, dialectology, language cultivation, orthography, etymology, studies of proper names and philology. The journal also publishes a comprehensive annual bibliography of works of linguistics published in our country: articles of general linguistics, notes, commentaries, reports and reviews. Every year, the last issue of the journal includes the contents of the issues published that year, together with notes, appendices and bibliographies.

Contributors whose names have appeared in the pages of the journal in the course of time include researchers, university and college teachers, as well as specialists from abroad.


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