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Each article received for publication is revised by two members of the Editorial Board, specialists in the subdomain in which the article belongs. The process of evaluating scientific papers (peer-review blind procedure) consists in the critical analysis of scientific manuscripts, by expert evaluators who are part of the Editorial Board, but also by other scientific reviewers. The reviewers are linguists from Romania and abroad (academics, university professors, lecturers, scientific researchers from the main university centers in the country and abroad), specialists in the field of dialectology and phonetics. If the article is accepted for publication, the author receives (via e-mail) the comments of the reviewers and, depending on these comments, the author has to resend the revised text. The review of articles may take several months, but this aspect provides the journal with high scientific standards. Articles may be delayed due to the fact that authors outside the Editorial Board have priority. The reviewers help the editor-in-chief to make editorial decisions, and they can also help the author to improve the manuscript.

Any manuscript received for examination is treated as a confidential document. It is not discussed with other persons, unless authorized by the editor-in-chief.

The reviewers identify relevant published papers that have not been quoted by the authors. The reviewer should also draw the publisher's attention to any similarity or overlap of the manuscript under examination with any other publication of which he is aware. The evaluation is performed by completing a form with four items aimed at:

1. The relevance of the article in the research activity of the field;

2. The originality degree of the article;

3. The scientific quality of the article;

4. Clarity, precision and soundness of argument.

The score obtained must not be less than 8 (eight) for the article to be published.

The editor-in-chief and members of the Editorial Board evaluate the articles for the identification and preliminary selection of the papers that fall within the thematic areas and the scientific standards of the journal. The analysis covers criteria that refer to:

a) content: the manuscripts must address topics in the reference field of the journal “Phonetics and Dialectology”, include elements of originality, have a substantial scientific content, and must not have major deficiencies of logical structure and scientific construction etc.

b) form: the manuscripts must comply with the journal’s technical conditions of editing (paragraphs, the way of introducing critical references), in accordance with the “Technical Editing Rules of the journal Phonetics and Dialectology”, and must include all other necessary related components (abstract, author / authors affiliation).

Manuscripts that do not meet the minimum criteria mentioned above are returned to the authors.

The reviewer makes specific observations regarding the form and substance of the article and by assigning it a score, which must not be less than 8. The reviewer's recommendation may be: 1. The article will be published in the form in which it was received (small correction suggestions will be sent directly to the text): [YES / NO]; 2. The article requires changes in expression and / or editing: [YES / NO]; 3. The article requires content changes [YES / NO]; The item is rejected [YES / NO].

If there are major differences between the ratings of the two reviewers, a third expert will be called upon. The decision and the recommendations of the reviewers will be communicated to the author.

After the manuscript is corrected, completed and resent by the author, according to the recommendations of the reviewers, the article will be submitted to the same reviewers, who will decide on the opportunity to publish it.

Articles by authors whose native language is not English / French / Spanish / Italian are checked by specialists in the field. Only after this verification will the paper be sent to the editorial office. Papers that do not meet the criteria for writing a scientific text in a foreign language may be rejected.

The final approved version of the article (after the changes suggested by the reviewers and the notification of the Editorial Board) is sent to the person or the group of persons in the editorial office who is responsible for the editorial planning. After that, the author will be informed about the date of publication. The final decision related to the publication of the manuscripts belongs to the Editor-in-Chief and / or the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Secretary.

Accepted papers are arranged by annual issue numbers of the journal.

No fee is required to publish the article.


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