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The historyofthe journal. The journal wascreatedatthe initiative ofAl. Rosetti, in 1958, having from the beginning the profile of a publication that reflects thescientific preoccupations of the two sectors of the future Center for Phonetic and Dialectal Research (CCFD) of the Romanian Academy. At the same time, the journal represented and represents one of the publications of the Romanian Academy PublishingHouse.

"Phonetics and dialectology" is a journal of the Philology Section of the Romanian Academy, published annually, with an average volume of 250 pages, indexed by ERIH-PLUS, which presents the works elaborated at the “Iorgu Iordan – Al. Rosetti” Institute of Linguistics, and also studies elaborated by other Romanian or foreign specialists. The journal publishes original papers, preferably written in Romanian, but papers in English, French, German or Italianare also accepted.The approached fields are: descriptive and historical phonetics and phonology, Romanian, Romance and European dialectology, geolinguistics, sociolinguistics and ethnolinguistics.Studies on the Romanian language spoken in Romania and abroad are also included, especially at a dialectal level. The journal also includes reviews of recently published papers, bibliographic notes and information on scientific events in the country and from abroad. Each article written in Romanian is followed by an abstract in a language of international circulation. The editors place a strong emphasis on the originality of the results. All manuscripts (approx. 250 pages) are evaluated and only high quality ones are accepted for publication.

The impact. Thanks to the fact that all the articles published in the journal "Phonetics and dialectology" have been and are accompanied by an abstract in a foreign language (French, English) since the first numbers issued, the concerns and the results obtained by Romanian researchers have become known by the scientific public abroad. This explains, to a large extent, the appreciations of scientists from abroad, expressed on various occasions and, especially, by reviews published in foreign journals or by the very explicit and concrete desire to publish scientific articles hosted by the journal "Phonetics and Dialectology" (particularly in recent years).

Because of the specialized scientific character on the field of dialectology and phonetics and, implicitly, through the scientific prestige of the Editorial Board and other leading specialists from research institutions, and through the published articles as well, the journal "Phonetics and dialectology" has a great impact on academia.

We consider that through their significance and originality the articles published in the journal "Phonetics and dialectology" have a special impact on both specialized community and potential beneficiaries (official institutions in the field of culture, education, foreign relations, libraries in the country and from abroad etc.). We consider the national language with its dialectal varieties in Romania and abroad by reference to the current European linguistic and cultural context.


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