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This research proposes a multidisciplinary approach to language change as a direct consequence of direct and indirect language contact, i.e. to the changes the Romanian language is currently undergoing as a result of intense linguistic and extralinguistic contact with the Anglo-Saxon world. Our academic endeavour represents an interdisciplinary analysis of the pervasive influence of English on the Romanian language used both in the country and abroad. It focuses on the socio-psychological, anthropological and linguistic aspects of language change and language contact. The focus of our research agenda is represented therefore by the current changes the Romanian language is undergoing as a result of the pervasive influence of English. However, in order to be able to conclude that the elements of English in present-day Romanian are no longer, or only seldom perceived by Romanian native speakers as the result of foreign influence, and that Romanian has undergone an unprecedented change and has seamlessly incorporated elements of English, we need to conduct psycho-linguistic research by means of questionnaires and tests that focus on the speakers reactions to such language phenomena and on the related processing time.  This is our main objective, together with the creation of a corpus made up of instances of present-day Romanian by means of which we are going to identify the anglicisms to be used in the elaboration of our tests and questionnaires.


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