Volume 2 - The VP and the Sentence

1.Introduction(Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin & Ion Giurgea)


2.Verbal functional categories: Tense, Aspect, Mood

      1.1 Inflectional Functional Categories

      1.2 Inflectional features and inflectional categories

      1.3 The structure of the verbal cluster

      1.4 Syntactic analysis of the verbal cluster

      1.5 Evidence for the clitic status of auxiliaries, mood particles and negation

      1.6 Stress properties of the verbal cluster

      1.7 Evidence for verb movement

      1.8 Periphrastic constructions that do not constitute a verbal cluster

2. The semantics of verbal categories(Anamaria Fălăuş)

      2.1 Tense and Aspect

            2.2 Mood

3. The argument-structure of verbs and classes of verbs(Ana Barbu, in collaboration with Larisa Avram and Gabriela Bîlbîie)

            3.1 On the notions of argument and complement

            3.2 Theta-roles and their syntactic projection

            3.3 Classes of verbs according to their argument structure

            3.4 Argument-structure alternations

            3.5 Aspectual classes of verbs

            3.6 Complement drop

4. Voice

1. Participial Passives (Ion Giurgea)

      2.1 Introduction

      2.2 Inchoative SE-verbs

      2.3 Inherent SE-verbs

      2.4 Reflexive and reciprocal SE

      2.5 Passive, impersonal and middle SE

5. Lexical means of expressing Mood (Larisa Avram, coordinator; Anamaria Fălăuş, Mara Panaitescu, Rodica Zafiu)

1. Modal verbs

2. Modal predicative adverbs

3. Modal adverbs

4. Modal adjectives

6. Sentential negation (Emil Ionescu &Anamaria Fălăuş)

      1. Negation markers in Romanian

      2. N-words

      3. Polarity items

7. The Subject (Ion Giurgea)


8. The Direct Object (Alexandra Cornilescu & Alina Tigău)

9. Dative-marked DPs (Alexandra Cornilescu)

10. Locative phrases (Alexandra Cornilescu)

11. Finite Complement Clauses(Gabriela Alboiu (coord.), Maria Aurelia Cotfas, Dana Niculescu)

      1. indicative/declarative clauses

      2. subjunctive clauses

      3. de-clauses

      4. indirect interrogatives (Alexander Grosu & Mariana Grosu) 

12. Non-finite clauses(Alexandra Cornilescu, coord.)

1. Infinitives (Alexandra Cornilescu, Maria Aurelia Cotfas, Gabriela Alboiu)

2. Supines (Alexandra Cornilescu, Elena Soare)

3. Gerunds (Dana Niculescu, Gabriela Alboiu, Larisa Avram)

13. Copular Constructions and Small Clauses (Monica Irimia, Alexandra Cornilescu, Blanca Croitor)

14. Adverbs and other adjuncts (prepositional phrases, nominals) (Carmen Mârzea-Vasile, Ion Giurgea and Alexandru Mardale)

15. Adverbial clauses (Alexander Grosu, Ion Giurgea, in coll. with Lorena David, Mara Panaitescu and Oana U?? B?rbulescu)


17. Speech acts and sentence types (Donka Farkas)

1. Introduction

2. Yes/no questions

3. Alternative questions

4. Constituent questions

5. Non-standard questions

19. Exclamatives (Ion Giurgea, Larisa Avram)

20. Imperatives and optatives (Andra Vasilescu & Dana Isac)

21. Nonclausal utterances (Andra Vasilescu)

22. Agreement (Blanca Croitor)

23. Coordination (Blanca Croitor & Gabriela Bîlbîie)

24. Ellipsis (Gabriela Bîlbîie)

25. Verbal Inflection / Conjugation (Dana Zamfir & Ion Giurgea)

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